What is the difference between SPRO and CC2?

Many Russians are already familiar with Teyes devices, but for many it still remains a mystery which of the radio tape recorders to choose CC2 or SPRO?

These radios are absolutely identical in characteristics, on board an 8-core 64-bit Intel Airmont processor with a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz. The radios are available in two versions: 2GB RAM + 32GB or 4+64.

These radios differ only in internal firmware. Teyes SPRO went on sale in January 2019 and CC2 in August 2019 and received an update in the form of a multifunctional home screen. This function allows you to control applications (such as maps, dash cam, radio) from the home screen. Also on CC2 devices it is possible to choose a desktop launcher, including the same interface as SPRO.

Launcher - This is  a software interface that allows you to easily change the look of your desktop.

We can say that the internal stuffing of Teyes CC2 includes SPRO firmware. Is this an advantage? Undoubtedly yes!

SPRO Launcher

Launcher CC2 v.1

Launcher CC2 v.2

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