What is CarPlay and how to set it up?

CarPlay is a system that allows you to use your iPhone in your car without taking your eyes off the road. By connecting your iPhone to CarPlay, you can use sat-nav, make calls, send and receive messages, listen to music, and more.

1. Setting up the CarPlay function on Tcareye

1.1 Purchase a CarPlay adapter. Without it, it is impossible to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

1.2 You need to install the dedicated CarPlay app. 

1.3 After installing the application, connect the device via USB. 

2. Setting up the CarPlay function on iPhone

2.1 Start your car and make sure Siri is turned on.

2.2 Connect your iPhone to the car.

Controlling CarPlay with Siri

Depending on the vehicle, there are two ways to control CarPlay with Siri.

  • Press and hold the voice command button on the steering wheel. Ask Siri a question or ask you to do something.
  • Press and hold the CarPlay Dashboard toolbar button or the CarPlay home screen button on the touchscreen. Ask Siri a question or ask you to do something.

Siri's suggestions for next steps appear on the CarPlay display, such as driving to a scheduled meeting. With Siri Suggestions and CarPlay seamlessly integrated, your favorite apps are always at your fingertips.

CarPlay lets you control HomeKit accessories like your garage door remote with Siri. Take advantage of the suggestion in the CarPlay toolbar, or simply give a voice command such as "Open the garage door" as you approach the house.

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