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In our store you can not only buy a head unit, but also immediately install it on your car. We have been doing car electrics since 2010 and installing TCAREYE car radios since 2019. During this time, we have accumulated vast experience in installing additional equipment on many cars. Each of the employees of our installation center has spent more than one year developing personal experience in automotive retrofitting and have certificates.

Media Installation Services

The range of multimedia installation services includes not only the installation of the head unit, but also the complete configuration of all the functionality of the car according to the configuration. In order for you to use all the features of the system, we install rear and front view cameras in regular places, a DVR and tire pressure sensors. We also produce car soundproofing and much more.

We have installed hundreds of car radios and know the nuances of many models. Call us or leave a request if you want to choose or install a head unit with optimal parameters!

Cost of services

Name of service


GU installation


DVR Installation


Installing the rear view camera


Installing the front camera


Installing tire pressure sensors


Installing the microphone


Update GU and CAN


Speaker Replacement


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Our work


What is included in the cost of installing a standard head unit (SHGU)?
Pasting with masking tape and film of car panels to protect them from scratches (if necessary)
Removing the accompanying panels hiding the fasteners of the ShGU
Removing the old radio
Connecting standard power, radio, sound connectors
Connecting the adapters that come with the new radio
Proper installation of GPS and 4G antennas
Output of USB wires to the glove box (or as agreed)
Setting up the GU to work in the current vehicle configuration (steering wheel buttons, standard audio amplifier, camera, parking sensors, BC, etc.)
Checking the performance of the main and regular functions
Laying wires, covering them with anti-creak if required
Fixing a new radio and adjusting the gaps, if possible
Fastening panels back, removing protective coatings
Why can the installation cost be higher than the declared one?
Difficult disassembly/assembly of a large number of panels (for example, Kuga 2, Mondeo 5, Audi Q5, Cerato 2, Toyota LC200, Jeep Grand Cherokee, etc.)
Premium cars with gentle mounts: Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Lexus, Infiniti, Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo, etc.
It is required to make an adapter for the head unit or rear view camera (rare equipment)
It is required to re-pin the standard connector of the new radio tape recorder for a rare car equipment
Required to stretch the wiring in the trunk (BMW X5 E53)
Complex maximum configuration, for example with all-round visibility or auto-parking (Toyota, Nissan, VW, etc.)
Mounting adjustment required (Touareg 1, CX7, Lancer IX, etc.)
Heated windshield - you will need to look for new places to install GPS and 4G antennas
Additional customer requirement: for example, a microphone outlet in a regular place in the ceiling
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