How to update a device from Tcareye?

1:Download software from "Yandex.Disk" or "Google"

2:Prepare a USB flash drive in advance. Make sure the drive is formatted in FAT32 format and has a capacity of 4 to 16 GB.

3:Open the downloaded archive and extract it to the root of the flash card

4:Insert the USB stick into any USB port on the Tcareye head unit. The update will start automatically.

5:Wait for the inscription: "! Please remove update device!", After which you can remove the flash drive from the radio.

6:The device will reboot again.

7:Correcting! The update has been installed!

If the update does not start

  • Make sure you have downloaded the software for your radio version.
  • Make sure you follow all the instructions correctly.
  • Change the USB port of the radio.
  • Format USB flash drive in FAT32 format
  • Change USB flash drive
  • Update the WINRAR archiver on your computer.
  • Carry out all the update points again.

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