Big software expected

The following major updates will be released to the CC3 software at the end of April

Features will be added in the new version:

  1. Added Cam REC software. With this application, you can record from the rear view camera. The recording files are saved to the flash drive.
  2. Added TCAREYE YAHU, the world's first 3D graphics music player dedicated to the automotive industry (due to technical complexity, work may not be fully completed in April).
  3. In the device settings, a function has been added to change the brightness of the screen depending on the time of sunrise and sunset.
  4. The system version has been updated. Fixed a crash issue with the Google Play app in some areas.
  5. Added a setting for the sensitivity level of voice commands. If you feel that certain keywords easily trigger voice commands, you can lower the sensitivity level. In addition to Russian and English, a voice control function for 7 countries has been added.
  6. Added CAR LINK software which supports Android Auto via wired connection and Car Play via wired and wireless connection. Please note that CARPLAY only supports this feature on CC3 devices released in 2021. Android Auto has no limits. For wired connection of CARPLAY, you need to use the original iPhone USB cable. When using CARPLAY wirelessly, make sure the mobile phone is connected via Bluetooth.
  7. Updated EQ software and added a phase switch. The volume and sound effects of the subwoofer change according to the volume of the head unit.
  8. A new home screen layout has been added, as well as automatic switching between day and night modes. From the home screen, you can directly perform speed dialing, view driving data, compass and GPS information. 4 main music players can be switched with one key. Redesigned and increased image size when viewed in picture-in-picture mode.
  9. Optimized software for making phone calls via Bluetooth. In favorite contacts, a choice of avatars has been added. Data synchronization with the main interface has been opened.
  10. Added TCAREYE RADIO and private station over the Internet. Musical compositions can be downloaded and shared through the site
  11. A tutorial video on how to set up the steering wheel keys has been added for several languages.
  12. Added automatic OTA update function. In the following, we will provide 2 ways to update: manual download update and automatic update.
  13. Multi-finger tap control added. To learn how to use this feature, please see the personal settings section.
  14. Added the ability to slide the application menu from the right side of the screen. Swiping from below returns to the previous level. The function is supported no matter what interface you are in!

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